Solid Wood Flooring
Hard Wood Floor

Bringing natural beauty and elegance effortlessly into the home, real wood flooring is a stunning installation whether you want minimal clean lines or rustic tradition. Endlessly adaptable, environmentally sustainable and hypoallergenic its requirements for annual care and attention are vastly outweighed by the simplicity of day to day cleaning and the fact that it actually gains in value and good looks the older it gets!

The original flooring material, that have been installed for 100’s of years are capable of providing a long lasting, good quality wooden floor can add value and style to any home. There are 2 main types of wood flooring, solid wood and engineered flooring.

Solid Vs Engineered Wood:
Engineered wood is made from thin layers that are glued together to make it even stronger than solid wood—extra strength at no extra cost.
Solid timber flooring obviously made of natural wood does have limitations. The natural element expand and contract in response to changes in temperatures and moisture levels. This prohibits setting a standard dimension that will perform well in every environment, making real timber unsuitable for widespread use. Therefore mostly engineered flooring is recommended for domestic solutions.

Both can be fitted with underfloor heating or a sound proof underlay to offer comfort and economy with style.

A few of the features and options on our range of stunning real wood flooring product installations includes;

  • Diverse range of species and stains
  • Product ranges from leading suppliers
  • Solid or engineered wood planks, strips and parquet
  • Unfinished, lacquered, brushed or oiled
  • Sourced from sustainable forests
Hard Wood Floor
Hard Wood Floor
Hard Wood Floor